Statement From Our Pastor

May 23, 2019

It has come to my attention that there is someone in the Waitsburg community who is sending letters to churches across the nation on behalf of myself and this church.

These letters are soliciting money for a separate ministry that we are not a part of nor am I aware of. Also in the letter is a statement questioning the authenticity of the Bible and projecting the end times are coming soon, urging the sending of money.

Any letter that I send out will have my signature on it, and we will not be soliciting money in any letter. We hold the integrity and responsibility of this church and ministry to a high level, and posing as a pastor asking for money, no matter if the cause is legitimate or not, is not appreciated.

We believe in the Word of God as the highest of standards and will not question its authenticity. If you have come across any letter, please feel free to destroy it or come to me or call me and we can talk about it. Thank you.

Pastor Matt Wyatt
Lead Pastor
Waitsburg Christian Church