Letter to the Church

Church family,

As I watched President Trump’s announcement today, I am grateful, excited, and agree with his assessment that church is essential. I also believe that it is essential that we re-open in a safe and timely manner. As I said during Sunday’s sermon, my hope is in a man and His name is Jesus.

I have been in constant prayer about when God would want us to re-open our church doors. I’ve also been in contact with the board of the church, the CDC, and I continue to monitor those who are scientific experts in the field of this pandemic. At this time, we will not rush to open our doors until the timing is right. God’s timing.

Although I miss everyone dearly, our church has been thriving during this stay at home order. Many lives have been committed to Christ. We have an audience that now spans globally. The message of Jesus is getting out. Church is still open.

We are also called to live and love like Jesus. I don’t believe the Jesus of the Bible would call Waitsburg Christian Church to make our community and surrounding communities less safe for those who are at high risk. The elderly and the vulnerable have been on my heart throughout this.

Those who have been lost to this pandemic are especially on our hearts. As I walk alongside the board with this decision, at this time we are waiting on the Lord and His word on the timing. I ask that you join us in prayer as we get the timing and the re-opening of our church right.

I can’t wait until the day we can assemble together. Let’s all join in prayer on this difficult decision in the time of COVID-19. I truly love you all.

Pastor Matt Wyatt
Waitsburg Christian Church